Matis Facials

MATIS massageAll my facials use the award winning skin care brand Matis from France. Matis products combine science with natural fragrances by using plant extracts, oils and anti-aging active ingredients.

Depending on your skin type and needs we will choose from a wide range of Matis facials. For example we might chose from the sensitive/delicate skin range, the oily/combination range, through to the highly effective anti-ageing caviar range for more mature clients.

Whilst the client is under the aromatherapy steamer I like to exfoliate the arms and hands and while the facemask is on I massage them.

Prices range from £50-£65 for between 75-90mins depending on the chosen facial

MATISMatis Eye Treatment

I also offer an award winning Eye Treatment formulated to firm, smooth and relax the eye area which can be had as a relaxing single treatment or combined with a facial

As a single treatment £28
Combined with facial £18